About Us

Alien Coffee Bean kindly offers roasted specialty coffee beans.  
We remember a time when our grandmothers and fathers would be sitting at the table with each other or the neighbors, happily chatting away. So many humans are coffee drinkers like us. Not everyone wants to be a total connoisseur of coffee just to be able to enjoy a delicious cup and that's where Alien Coffee Bean comes in. We offer you coffee beans that are roasted with a roasters artistic touch. Our coffee is good enough to drink black should you choose to prepare it so.
We are a small family business who, like so many others, have had or heard of experiences that left us wondering about the unknown. For those that love to connect, to share experiences, knowledge and time over a cup of delicious coffee, you have Alien Coffee Bean. It is for everyone that enjoys coffee. 
Because coffee is so special, whether we purchase the organic certification or not, all green beans we purchase come from organic sources.